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Smart girls, gifted women

  title={Smart girls, gifted women},
  author={Barbara A. Kerr},

Exploring the Lives of Gifted Women

Exploring the Lives of Gifted Women is a narrative collection that shares the lived experience of five diverse gifted women. These women were identified as gifted and talented through a formal

What contributes to gifted adolescent females’ talent development at a high-achieving, secondary girls’ school?

ABSTRACT The purpose of this research was to examine what contributes to gifted adolescent females’ talent development at a high-achieving girls’ school. Using Kronborg’s (2010) Talent Development

Conceptions of Giftedness: Feminist Perspectives on Talent Development: A Research-Based Conception of Giftedness in Women

The stories of talented and eminent women are too seldom told. Little research has been conducted and less is known about the ways women’s talents emerge and are developed, how they differ from the

Career Assessment for Gifted Girls and Women

Although gifted girls have high career aspirations, they often do not attain their educational and career goals. Conflicting societal expectations of bright girls and women may lead to a loss of

Career counseling for gifted girls and women

Journal of Career Development, Vol. 14(4), Summer 1988 Barbara A. Kerr is an Associate Professor at the University of Iowa, N346 Lindquist, Iowa City, IA 52242. Address requests for reprints to the

The gifted female: The endangered species The gifted female: The endangered species

Abstract This paper presents the findings of a literature review that focused on gifted females and their inability to achieve in mathematics-based careers on a level equal to gifted males. The

Individual Perceptions of Self-Actualization: What Functional Motives Are Linked to Fulfilling One’s Full Potential?

Lay perceptions of self-actualization are examined, suggesting that people most frequently link self- Actualization to seeking status, and that people do not view other types of well-being—eudaimonic, hedonic, subjective—as furthering status-linked functional outcomes.

Geeks, boffins, swots and nerds: a social constructionist analysis of ‘gifted and talented’ identities in post-16 education

This study analyses ‘Gifted and Talented’ (‘G&T’) identities in post-16 education, exploring ‘G&T’ identity construction processes and how students manage ‘G&T’ identities once labelled as such.

Toward a Theory of Creativity in Diverse Creative Women

ABSTRACT: Little is known and limited research has been completed about creative women, their creative processes, and the decisions they face about their own creative productivity. Few books or even

Gifted Women and Marriage

This study analyzed the perceived relationship between marriage and achievement among 167 able women, ages 45-65, who were alumnae at the University of Michigan. Women who perceived their husbands as