Smart decision support system using parsimonious information fusion


The overarching theme of data and information fusion for military purposes is to create a superior decision edge. The research in this paper is a funded project within the general dynamics led data and information fusion defense technology centre consortium in the UK. The research is concerned with the development of a novel approach to smart decision support systems that incorporates critical success factors (CSFs) with soft computing techniques to support commanders' intuitive decision making in high velocity, high pressure military decision making environments. The smart decision support system (SDSS) seeks to overcome the danger of information overload and reduce the burden of communications by parsimoniously gathering, fusing and presenting key information to satisfy commanders' critical information requirements during a mission, as well as, significantly reducing the cycle time between situational awareness and taking decisive action. This paper outlines our approach which employs dynamic case-based reasoning and a computer generated forces testbed, which are integrated within the overall system architecture. We present initial findings and results concerning the development of our SDSS with reference to an advance to contact military scenario employed in land operations.

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