Smart World of Internet of Things (IoT) and Its Security Concerns


Due to increasing number of internet users, popularity of Broadband Internet also increasing. Hence the connection cost should be decrease due to Wi Fi connectivity and built-in sensors in devices as well the maximum number of devices should be connected through a common medium. To meet all these requirements, the technology so called Internet of Things is evolved. Internet of Things (IoT) can be considered as a connection of computing devices like smart phones, coffee maker, washing machines, wearable device with an internet. IoT create network and connect "things" and people together by creating relationship between either people-people, people-things or things-things. As the number of device connection is increased, it increases the Security risk. Security is the biggest issue for IoT at any companies across the globe. Furthermore, privacy and data sharing can again be considered as a security concern for IoT. Companies, those who use IoT technique, need to find a way to store, track, analyze and make sense of the large amounts of data that will be generated. Few security techniques of IoT are necessary to implement to protect your confidential and important data as well for device protection through some internet security threats.

DOI: 10.1109/iThings-GreenCom-CPSCom-SmartData.2016.64

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