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Smart Medicine and Physical Health System Using IoT

  title={Smart Medicine and Physical Health System Using IoT},
  author={P. Elanthiraiyan and Dr. Suvanam Sasidhar Babu and U. G. Scholar},
The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an efficient and new life to the healthcare field. It also has a rapid development of many fields. But the more important are real in the field of Medical. One of the better way the doctors are capable to certainly and quickly right to use the relevant patient information’s and including the patient medical history. Through the Internet of Things, tremendously improves the quality of information and the patient care in the Medical field. So, Internet of… 

Smart Health Advisory System Using IoT

  • D. Bhattacharyya
  • Computer Science
    Asia-pacific Journal of Convergent Research Interchange
  • 2018
The Internet of Things (IoT) gives Associate in nursing temperate and new life to the human services field and staggeringly enhances the standard of information and in this way the patient care inside the Medical field.


The objective of this work is providing an effective application for real time health monitoring and tracking, so effective medical service could be provided at appropriate time by using specific sensors the data will be captured.

Health Advisory System using IoT Technology

The Internet of Things utility in nursing will provide a new life to the human services field and the web of Things offers Associate in nursing genuine stage to interconnect the every one of the assets.

IoT Based Development Boards for Smart Healthcare Applications

  • Malti BansalBani Gandhi
  • Medicine, Computer Science
    2018 4th International Conference on Computing Communication and Automation (ICCCA)
  • 2018
Insight is given on aspects of IoT driven healthcare systems and the various development boards which enable connectivity between devices and people and these boards are being used practically by many companies to make the healthcare systems ubiquitous.

Preeminent Development Boards to Design Sustainable Integrated Model of a Smart Healthcare System under IoT

This review paper provides an insight on aspects, dimensions, a prototype of sustainable integrated smart healthcare architecture with explicit clarification of significant development boards to design and implement a sustainable smart healthcare system that empowers strong connectivity among numerous devices and human beings in the recent digital era.

Application of Internet of Things in the Field of Medical and Smart Health Care: A Review

The Web of Things (IoT) is another idea that permits clients to interface different sensors and savvy gadgets to gather continuous information from nature to radically enhance a patient's personal satisfaction.

IoT & Big Data in Smart Healthcare (ECG Monitoring)

  • Malti BansalBani Gandhi
  • Computer Science
    2019 International Conference on Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud and Parallel Computing (COMITCon)
  • 2019
Nanoelectronics, Internet of Things and Big Data plays a pivotal role in this system as it provides with data analysis, decision-making, extracting useful information via algorithms, intelligent storage etc and will make the world a more secure place to live.

Harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT): A Review

An overview of Internet of Things, its applications and operating system for IoT is provided to provide an overview of software services and hardware and network technologies for IoT and their usages.

IoT and Renewable Energy systems based Connected Chair for Health Monitoring

Internet of things and renewable energy sources are the brain of this work based smart wheel chair for special people for autonomous movement and also gathering person’s health information using smart sensors displayed in webpage.

A perspective on the IoT services through a multi-dimensional analysis

A new multi-dimensional classification method for IoT services is presented, which combines temporal, spatial, and relational criteria and contributes to the high level understanding of IoT services.



Internet of Things in healthcare: Interoperatibility and security issues

This paper discusses today's issues, including benefits and difficulties, as well as approaches to circumvent the problems of employing and integrating Internet of Things devices in healthcare systems in the context of the REMOA project, which targets a solution for home care/telemonitoring for patients with chronic illnesses.

Internet of Things

The fields of application for IoT technologies are as numerous as they are diverse, as IoT solutions are increasingly extending to virtually all areas of everyday.

An Intelligent Self-Organization Scheme for the Internet of Things

Simulation results verify the performance of the proposed mechanism that entitles the IoT to the ability of maintaining its status in a globally stable status, while effectively discovering the random service requests in a resource-critical configuration.

How to Access Factory Floor Information Using Internet Technologies and Gateways

This survey paper compares the applicability of common Internet communication standards like SNMP, LDAP, SQL, native web technologies, OPC XML-DA, and OPC UA as higher-level access protocols to field-level data, thus providing a basis for vertical integration on an application level.

Data Cleaning for RFID and WSN Integration

An improved data cleaning algorithm has been proposed and its feasibility and effectiveness have been verified via simulation and a comparison with a published algorithm, and their application in relief supplies storage management has been discussed.

Adaptive Internet Integration of Field Bus Systems

  • S. Eberle
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
  • 2007
This paper introduces an substantially different approach to interoperability of field bus systems with external systems and applications that becomes capable of adapting the information exchange flexibly according to the needs of the outside environment.

Enterprise Systems: State-of-the-Art and Future Trends

  • Lida Xu
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
  • 2011
The state of the art in the area of enterprise systems as they relate to industrial informatics is surveyed, highlighting formal methods and systems methods crucial for modeling complex enterprise systems, which poses unique challenges.

Information architecture for supply chain quality management

As quality requirements play a crucial role in supply chain management (SCM), enterprises require appropriate information architecture to address evolving supply chain needs. Information architecture

Compressed Sensing Signal and Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things

This paper briefly introduces the CS theory with respect to the sampling and transmission coordination during the network lifetime through providing a compressed sampling process with low computation costs, and proposes a CS-based framework for IoT and an efficient cluster-sparse reconstruction algorithm for in-network compression.