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Smart Illumination and Communication for Powerlines System using LIFI

  title={Smart Illumination and Communication for Powerlines System using LIFI},
  author={S. Siva Mohan and N. Ramasubramanian and R. G. Sangeetha},
Abstract: The Visible Light Communication (VLC) is one of the basic components used in this paper it one of most efficient and used technologies in this generation in terms of wireless communication. In this power-lines are used as source for communication [1]. The usage of personal structure in spite of the presence power-lines can change the wired medium of connectivity. The combination of Visible light commination and power-lines is an effective way of enhancing the use of personal chain… Expand


Integrated LiFi(Light Fidelity) for smart communication through illumination
  • R. Mahendran
  • Computer Science
  • 2016 International Conference on Advanced Communication Control and Computing Technologies (ICACCCT)
  • 2016
Wi-Fi deals with wireless coverage within premises, whereas Li-Fi is perfect for high compactness wireless data coverage in defined area and for mitigating radio interference issues. Expand