Smart Hydrogels for Pharmaceutical Applications

  title={Smart Hydrogels for Pharmaceutical Applications},
  author={S Sne{\vz}ana Ili{\'c}-Stojanovi{\'c} and Ljubi{\vs}a B. Nikoli{\'c} and Vesna Nikolic and Slobodan D. Petrovi{\'c}},
The latest development in the field of smart hydrogels application as drugs carriers is shown in this chapter. Hydrogels are three-dimensional polymer network consisting of at least one hydrophilic monomer. They are insoluble in water, but in the excess presence of water or physiological fluids, swell to the equilibrium state. The amount of absorbed water depends on the chemical composition and the crosslinking degree of 3D hydrogel network and reaches over 1000% of the xerogel weight. Stimuli… CONTINUE READING