Smart Hospital based on Internet of Things

  title={Smart Hospital based on Internet of Things},
  author={Lei Yu and Yang Lu and Xiaojuan Zhu},
  journal={J. Networks},
In this paper, we propose an architecture and a scheme of smart hospital based on Internet of Things (IOT) in order to overcome the disadvantages of the present hospital information system, such as the fixed information point, inflexible networking mode and so on. [] Key Method Furthermore, taking a third grade-A hospital as an example, a scheme of smart hospital is given, and its logic structure, application framework, the construction of basic network environment etc. are described in detail. Experiment…

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Using this system, one can control electricity equipment’s and monitor the medication from a remote place and monitor entire process and the costing of smart hospital can be decreased by using Internet of Things.

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  • Guicheng ShenBingwu Liu
  • Computer Science
    2010 Third International Symposium on Electronic Commerce and Security
  • 2010
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