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Smart Home Automated Control System Using Android Application and Microcontroller

  title={Smart Home Automated Control System Using Android Application and Microcontroller},
  author={Mohamed Abd and El-latif Mowad and Ahmed Fathy and Ahmed Hafez},
Smart Home System (SHS) is a dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the electrical appliances and services allowing them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed. SHS includes different approaches to achieve multiple objectives range from enhancing comfort in daily life to enabling a more independent life for elderly and handicapped people. In this paper, the main four fields for SHS which are, home automation and remote monitoring, environmental monitoring… 

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Design and Validation of a Multifunctional Android-Based Smart Home Control and Monitoring System

This paper presents a multifunctional, low-cost, and flexible system for smart home control and environmental monitoring that employs an embedded micro web server based on an Arduino Yún microcontroller with Internet connectivity that allows remote device control.

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Development of Smart Home System to Controlling and Monitoring Electronic Devices using Microcontroller

  • H. MaulanaM. Al-Jabari
  • Computer Science, Engineering
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Based on the results of system testing, Smart home system to control and monitor electronic devices using the microcontroller can reduce the power consumption and save time used by homeowners to check electronic devices before doing an activity outside the home.

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A cost-effective home automation system which is contains a combination of Android smart phone or tablet or a laptop and embedded system which include Arduino Due Board, Ethernet Shield module and Relay circuit is proposed.

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An automated system based on arduino and android device for monitoring and controlling appliances to prevent the wastage of power and performs efficiently in monitoring and control through switching the appliances in the room based on human presence and environmental changes due to light intensity and temperature variation.

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: This paper provides a low cost-effective and flexible home control and monitoring system with the aid of an integrated micro-web server with internet protocol (IP) connectivity for access and to

Android Based Home Automation System Using Bluetooth

The main objective of home automation and security is to help handicapped and old aged people who will enable them to control home appliances and alert them in critical situations.

Smart home automation by GSM using android application

The overall design of smart Home Automation system with low cost and wireless system so the ON/OFF process of home appliances can be done remotely.

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Pid Based Monitoring System With Home Automatic

Application of wireless Bluetooth association on top of things board permits a simplified thanks to system installation and the system has been designed and operated with success.



Implementing Smart Homes with Open Source Solutions

The core of the proposed open source system is Arduino platform and consists of input, output and energy monitoring functions and a module for performing functions to implement smart homes is proposed.

Applications, Systems and Methods in Smart Home Technology: A Review

The Technologies and tools that can be integrated or applied in Smart Home systems, which include many tools that are used in computer systems, are presented.

ThinkHome: A smart home as digital ecosystem

This paper proposes a system concept that applies artificial intelligence in smart homes that is supported by an ontology based knowledge representation that contains all relevant data in a structured way.

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