Smart High Voltage Substation Based on IEC 61850 Process Bus and IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization

  title={Smart High Voltage Substation Based on IEC 61850 Process Bus and IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization},
  author={Jim Mcghee and Maciej Goraj},
  journal={2010 First IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications},
  • Jim Mcghee, M. Goraj
  • Published 4 November 2010
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2010 First IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications
This paper describes the experience from the world first installation of Smart High Voltage substation with IEC 61850 Process Bus where IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization and dynamic multicast filtering have been used. IEC 61850 is one the 30 standards identified by NIST as key elements for achieving interoperability in the Smart Grid. This paper describes the experience from a high voltage substation in China where Smart Grid had been made reality by replacing large number of copper wires by… 

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