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Smart Electronic Wheelchair Using Arduino and Bluetooth Module

  title={Smart Electronic Wheelchair Using Arduino and Bluetooth Module},
  author={Deepak Kumar Lodhi and Prakshi Vats and A. V. Varun and Prashant H. Solanki and Rashmi Gupta and Manoj Kumar Pandey and Rajat Butola},
This paper describes the design of a smart, motorized, voice controlled wheelchair using embedded system. Proposed design supports voice activation system for physically differently abled persons incorporating manual operation. This paper represents the “Voice-controlled Wheel chair” for the physically differently abled person where the voice command controls the movements of the wheelchair. The voice command is given through a cellular device having Bluetooth and the command is transferred and… Expand

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Design and Fabrication of a Voice Controlled Wheelchair for Physically Disabled People " [ 2 ]