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Smalltalk-80: bits of history, words of advice

  title={Smalltalk-80: bits of history, words of advice},
  author={Glenn Krasner},

Typed Image-based Programming with Structure Editing

This work proposes to enable collaboration in image-based programming via types and structure editing, and conjecture that typical schema changes can be handled through structure editing of static types, which positions it to tackle collaboration with what could be called version control for structure editing.

A historical perspective on developing foundations for privacy-friendly client cloud computing : The Paradigm Shift from “ Inconsistency Denial ” to “ Semantic Integration ”

A historical perspective on the above questions is highly pertinent to the current quest to develop foundations for client cloud computing.

Garbage collecting the Internet

Internet programming languages such as Java present new challenges to garbage-collection design. The spectrum of garbage-collection schema for linked structures distributed over a network are revie...

The origins of Objective-C at PPI/Stepstone and its evolution at NeXT

Object-C became the basis for Apple's Mac OS X and then iOS platforms, and Naroff and others at Apple added additional features to the language in the late 2000s as the iPhone App Store greatly expanded Objective-C's user base.

Cloneable JVM: a new approach to start isolated java applications faster

A new isolation approach called Cloneable JVM is proposed to eliminate this startup overhead in Java and show that new ready-to-serve Java applications can start up as a new process in less than 5 seconds, which is 4 to 170 times faster than starting these applications from scratch.

Strength Reduction for Loop-Invariant Types

This paper proposes a new approach to reducing the cost of two important operations on loop-invariant types: method tests and dynamic type checking and demonstrates its usefulness and benefit in IBM's Jikes RVM, a dynamic compilation system for Java.

The case for virtual register machines

This paper presents a working system for translating stack-based Java virtual machine (JVM) code to a simple register code, and believes that the high cost of dispatches makes register machines attractive even at the cost of increased loads.

A type-passing implementation of value types and genericity

The Pluto language and compiler is written in Java, which proved useful in the development of a complex piece of software such as a compiler.

Message Dispatch on Pipelined Processors

It is shown that adding support for dynamic typing or multiple inheritance does not significantly impact dispatch speed for most techniques, especially on superscalar machines, so that minimal table size may not imply minimal run-time space usage.

Taming Message Passing: Efficient Method Look-Up for Dynamically Typed Languages

This work presents a fast technique for generating compact selector-indexed dispatch tables and speeds up messages to within 10% of the speed of a statically typed language such as C++.