Smallpox vaccines for biodefense: need and feasibility

  title={Smallpox vaccines for biodefense: need and feasibility},
  author={Andrew W. Artenstein and John D. Grabenstein},
  journal={Expert Review of Vaccines},
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Smallpox, eradicated as a cause of natural disease through an intensive global effort in the later part of the 20th Century, has resurfaced as a possible agent of bioterrorism. For this reason, there is renewed interest in smallpox vaccines. Live vaccinia virus, an orthopoxvirus related to smallpox, has a long and successful clinical track record as an effective smallpox vaccine; however, its use is associated with uncommon yet serious adverse events. This has led to a surge of recent research… 
Smallpox vaccines: New formulations and revised strategies for vaccination
The history of smallpox vaccines and recent achievements in the development of highly efficacious and safer vaccines and vaccine applications are reviewed and assessment of adequate animal models to study pathogenesis and protective immunity is reviewed.
Smallpox vaccines for biodefense.
The immunology of smallpox vaccines.
Smallpox and bioterrorism
A public-health response to smallpox as using for bioterrorism is described, with great concern that smallpox is an excellent candidate for use as a terrorist weapon.
Safe and Effective Smallpox Vaccine Development Using DNA Vaccines and In vivo Electroporation
This review summarizes recent data supporting vaccine development using DNA and electroporation to protect the general public in the event of a bioterror incident using smallpox.
Safety and immunogenicity of LC16m8, an attenuated smallpox vaccine in vaccinia-naive adults.
LC16m8 generates neutralizing antibody titers to multiple poxviruses, including vaccinia, monkeypox, and variola major, and broad T-cell responses, indicating that LC 16m8 may have efficacy in protecting individuals from smallpox.
T Lymphocytes as Measurable Targets of Protection and Vaccination Against Viral Disorders


Modified vaccinia Ankara: potential as an alternative smallpox vaccine.
Alternative approaches to maintaining immunity to smallpox through vaccination with attenuated poxviruses are reviewed, and modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) is suggested as a leading candidate for an alternative smallpox vaccine.
Smallpox vaccines: Past, present, and future.
Smallpox vaccine and its stockpile in 2005.
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  • Economics
    The Lancet. Infectious diseases
  • 2005
Immunogenicity of a highly attenuated MVA smallpox vaccine and protection against monkeypox
The highly attenuated modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) with the licensed Dryvax vaccine in a monkey model is compared and unimmunized animals developed more than 500 pustular skin lesions and became gravely ill or died, whereas vaccinated animals were healthy and asymptomatic.
Smallpox DNA Vaccine Protects Nonhuman Primates against Lethal Monkeypox
This is the first demonstration that a subunit vaccine approach to smallpox-monkeypox immunization is feasible and it is demonstrated that rhesus macaques vaccinated with a DNA vaccine consisting of four vaccinia virus genes were protected from severe disease after an otherwise lethal challenge with monkeypox virus.