Smallness of tree-dominated charmless two-body baryonicBdecay rates

  title={Smallness of tree-dominated charmless two-body baryonicBdecay rates},
  author={Hai-Yang Cheng and Chun-Khiang Chua},
The long awaited baryonic $B$ decay $\bar B{}^0\to p\bar p$ was recently observed by LHCb with a branching fraction of order $10^{-8}$. All the earlier model predictions are too large compared with experiment. In this work, we point out that for a given tree operator $O_i$, the contribution from its Fiertz transformed operator, an effect often missed in the literature, tends to cancel the internal $W$-emission amplitude induced from $O_i$. The wave function of low-lying baryons are symmetric in… CONTINUE READING
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