Small-scale jetlike features in penumbral chromospheres.

  title={Small-scale jetlike features in penumbral chromospheres.},
  author={Yukio Katsukawa and Thomas E. Berger and K. Ichimoto and Bruce W. Lites and Shin'ichi Nagata and Toshifumi Shimizu and Richard A. Shine and Yoshinori Suematsu and Theodore D. Tarbell and Alan M. Title and Saku Tsuneta},
  volume={318 5856},
We observed fine-scale jetlike features, referred to as penumbral microjets, in chromospheres of sunspot penumbrae. The microjets were identified in image sequences of a sunspot taken through a Ca II H-line filter on the Solar Optical Telescope on board the Japanese solar physics satellite Hinode. The microjets' small width of 400 kilometers and short duration of less than 1 minute make them difficult to identify in existing observations. The microjets are possibly caused by magnetic… CONTINUE READING

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