Small nonfunctional parathyroid cysts: single institution experience.

  title={Small nonfunctional parathyroid cysts: single institution experience.},
  author={Ljubica Fustar Preradovic and Davorin Dani{\'c} and Radan D{\vz}odi{\'c}},
  journal={Endocrine journal},
  volume={64 2},
Parathyroid cysts (PCs) account for less than 1% of all parathyroid lesions and are most commonly located along thyroid lobes, rarely at ectopic sites. PCs are important because they can pose a differential diagnostic challenge against other cystic formations of the neck. PCs can be functional (elevated serum parathyroid hormone level) and nonfunctional. Four cases of nonfunctional PCs are presented. All four female patients underwent physical examination and ultrasonography of the neck with… CONTINUE READING