Small nerve fiber dysfunction in diabetic neuropathy.

  title={Small nerve fiber dysfunction in diabetic neuropathy.},
  author={Xavier Navarro and William Robert Kennedy and Timothy J. Fries},
  journal={Muscle & nerve},
  volume={12 6},
Sensory and autonomic small nerve fiber function was studied in 142 type I diabetics and 45 control subjects. Thermal sensitivity (TS), hot pain sensitivity, and the activity of sweat glands (SGs) were quantitated on the dorsum of the hand and the foot. TS was abnormal in 86% of patients in the foot and 66% in the hand. TS was more sensitive than the hot pain threshold, the number of pilocarpine activated SGs, or the amount of sweat secreted, all of which were abnormal in about 50% of patients… CONTINUE READING


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