Small-molecule modulators of Listeria monocytogenes biofilm development.

  title={Small-molecule modulators of Listeria monocytogenes biofilm development.},
  author={Uyen T. Nguyen and Iwona B. Wenderska and Matthew A Chong and Kalinka P Koteva and Gerard D. Wright and Lori L Burrows},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={78 5},
Listeria monocytogenes is an important food-borne pathogen whose ability to form disinfectant-tolerant biofilms on a variety of surfaces presents a food safety challenge for manufacturers of ready-to-eat products. We developed here a high-throughput biofilm assay for L. monocytogenes and, as a proof of principle, used it to screen an 80-compound protein kinase inhibitor library to identify molecules that perturb biofilm development. The screen yielded molecules toxic to multiple strains of… CONTINUE READING