Small animal radiotherapy research platforms

  title={Small animal radiotherapy research platforms},
  author={Frank Verhaegen and Patrick V Granton and Erik Tryggestad},
  journal={Physics in Medicine \& Biology},
  pages={R55 - R83}
Advances in conformal radiation therapy and advancements in pre-clinical radiotherapy research have recently stimulated the development of precise micro-irradiators for small animals such as mice and rats. These devices are often kilovolt x-ray radiation sources combined with high-resolution CT imaging equipment for image guidance, as the latter allows precise and accurate beam positioning. This is similar to modern human radiotherapy practice. These devices are considered a major step forward… 

Precise image-guided irradiation of small animals: a flexible non-profit platform

A novel small animal image-guided radiation therapy (SAIGRT) system, which allows for precise and accurate, conformal irradiation and x-ray imaging of small animals and enables systematic preclinical trials in multicentre research networks.

Radiation planning for image guided preclinical radiotherapy

Specific issues for precision irradiation of small animals are discussed, the workflow of animal treatment planning is described, and several dose calculation algorithms used for animal irradiation with kilovolt photon beams are examined.

A review of treatment planning for precision image-guided photon beam pre-clinical animal radiation studies.

ESTRO ACROP: Technology for precision small animal radiotherapy research: Optimal use and challenges.

  • F. VerhaegenL. Dubois D. Georg
  • Medicine
    Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
  • 2018

Development of a small animal conformal irradiator with dual energy x-ray computed tomography imaging for kilovoltage dosimetry

A small animal image-guided conformal radiotherapy system was developed and commissioned for preclinical studies to address the lack of preclinical radiotherapy technology and improve dual energy micro-CT measurement accuracy of material composition and density.

Small field dosimetry for the small animal radiotherapy research platform (SARRP)

FilmQA Pro is a suitable tool for small field dosimetry, with a sufficiently small sampling area to ensure an accurate measurement, and the small focal spot has been shown to produce a more homogenous beam with more stable penumbra over time.

Towards a novel small animal proton irradiation platform: the SIRMIO project

The proposed compact and cost-effective system promises to open a new era in small animal proton therapy research, contributing to the basic understanding of in vivo radiation action to identify areas of potential breakthroughs for future translation into innovative clinical strategies.

Multimodality Imaging in Small Animal Radiotherapy

For many decades, small animal radiation research was mostly performed using fairly crude experimental setups with radiation fields that did not conform to the desired target only. To enable more

Preclinical dosimetry: exploring the use of small animal phantoms

Current standardization initiatives are explored, focusing in particular on recent developments in small animal irradiation equipment, 3D printing technology to create customisable tissue-equivalent dosimetry phantoms and combining thesephantoms with commonly used detectors.



Image-guided small animal radiation research platform: calibration of treatment beam alignment

The x-ray camera-based technique presented here provides a straightforward and semi-automatic method for system calibration and was used to deliver a stereotactic-like arc treatment to a phantom constructed with EBT Gafchromic films.

MicroRT-small animal conformal irradiator.

The microRT hardware specifications, the accuracy of the treatment planning and positioning systems, and some typical procedures for radiobiological experiments that can be performed with the microRT device are presented.

Development of a micro-computed tomography-based image-guided conformal radiotherapy system for small animals.

Characterization of a novel micro-irradiator using Monte Carlo radiation transport simulations

The results obtained from Monte Carlo simulations show that a beam produced by the miniature x-ray and the collimator system is adequate to totally or partially irradiate zebrafish embryos, cell cultures and other small specimens used in radiobiology research.

Use of the Leksell Gamma Knife for Localized Small Field Lens Irradiation in Rodents

The results validate the use of the Gamma Knife for cataract studies in rodents, and confirmed the precision and utility of the instrument as a small animal irradiator for translational radiobiology experiments.

High-resolution, small animal radiation research platform with x-ray tomographic guidance capabilities.

Investigation of the effects of treatment planning variables in small animal radiotherapy dose distributions.

Dose distributions produced from conformal radiotherapy of small animals in a microCT scanner equipped with a variable-aperture collimator provided a quantitative method for developing practical guidelines for small animal radiotherapy treatment planning.

Use of an orthovoltage X-ray treatment unit as a radiation research system in a small-animal cancer model

Evaluation of the RTV showed a significant reduction of the tumor volume as consequence of the chemoradiotherapy treatment, and results show that toxicity was well tolerated by the animals.

Gold nanoparticles enhance the radiation therapy of a murine squamous cell carcinoma

It is concluded that gold nanoparticles enhance the radiation therapy of a radioresistant mouse squamous cell carcinoma, thereby further reducing TCD50 s (tumor control dose 50%) and increasing long-term survivals.