Small-amplitude steady water waves with critical layers: Non-symmetric waves

  title={Small-amplitude steady water waves with critical layers: Non-symmetric waves},
  author={Evgeniy Lokharu and Vladimir A. Kozlov},
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Two-dimensional solitary waves of elevation over constant vorticity flows with a near-bottom stagnation

The two-dimensional free-boundary problem describing steady gravity waves with negative constant vorticity on water of finite depth is considered. For all sufficiently large values of the vorticity

Global Bifurcation of Waves with Multiple Critical Layers

Analytic global bifurcation theory is used to construct a large variety of families of steady periodic two-dimensional gravity water waves with real-analytic vorticity distributions, propagating in

Symmetric solutions of evolutionary partial differential equations

We show that for a large class of evolutionary nonlinear and nonlocal partial differential equations, symmetry of solutions implies very restrictive properties of the solutions and symmetry axes.

Solitary waves on constant vorticity flows with an interior stagnation point

Abstract The two-dimensional free-boundary problem describing steady gravity waves with vorticity on water of finite depth is considered. Under the assumption that the vorticity is a negative



N-Modal Steady Water Waves with Vorticity

Two-dimensional steady gravity driven water waves with vorticity are considered. Using a multidimensional bifurcation argument, we prove the existence of small-amplitude periodic steady waves with an

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We consider the classical water wave problem described by the Euler equations with a free surface under the influence of gravity over a flat bottom. We construct two‐dimensional inviscid periodic

Traveling Gravity Water Waves with Critical Layers

We establish the existence of small-amplitude uni- and bimodal steady periodic gravity waves with an affine vorticity distribution, using a bifurcation argument that differs slightly from earlier

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It is found that in addition to waves with arbitrarily many critical layers and a single crest in each period, multimodal waves with several crests and troughs in eachperiod are found.

Trimodal Steady Water Waves

We construct three-dimensional families of small-amplitude gravity-driven rotational steady water waves of finite depth. The solutions contain counter-currents and multiple crests in each minimal

Dispersion Equation for Water Waves with Vorticity and Stokes Waves on Flows with Counter-Currents

The two-dimensional free-boundary problem of steady periodic waves with vorticity is considered for water of finite depth. We investigate how flows with small-amplitude Stokes waves on the free

Spatial Dynamics Methods for Solitary Gravity-Capillary Water Waves with an Arbitrary Distribution of Vorticity

This paper presents existence theories for several families of small-amplitude solitary-wave solutions to the classical two-dimensional water-wave problem in the presence of surface tension and with