Small Vendian transversely Articulated fossils

  title={Small Vendian transversely Articulated fossils},
  author={A. Ivantsov},
  journal={Paleontological Journal},
  • A. Ivantsov
  • Published 2007
  • Biology
  • Paleontological Journal
Three new genera of transversely articulated Metazoa are described from the Upper Vendian of the Arkhangelsk Region (Russia). Tamga gen. nov. and Lossinia gen. nov. are recognized to be closely related to the extinct Precambrian phylum Proarticulata; Ivovicia gen. nov. is considered as a true member of Proarticulata; all of the new genera are monotypic. Onega stepanovi Fedonkin is also reinterpreted as Proarticulata. The replacement generic name Archaeaspinus is introduced for the preoccupied… Expand
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