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Small House, Big Impact: The Effect of Tiny Houses on Community and Environment

  title={Small House, Big Impact: The Effect of Tiny Houses on Community and Environment},
  author={Charlie Kilman},
F over two decades, the tiny house has captured the imagination of alternative housing enthusiasts with its dollhouse facade, sustainable strategies, and quality craftsmanship, yet tiny houses still baffle many Americans. Some homeowners think that their 1,000 sq. ft. suburban house is tiny, while others hear the words “tiny house” and dream of a Thoreauvian cabin nestled in the woods.1 Because the tiny house industry is still in its infancy, the definition of what actually constitutes a tiny… Expand
Tiny houses: Planning for affordability and inclusion
The tiny house movement is increasingly topical, and tiny houses have been mooted as an innovative and sustainable way to improve urban housing affordability. But how valid is this claim? Few if anyExpand
Small Houses, Big Community: Tiny Housers’ Desire for More Cohesive and Collaborative Communities
Past research on the tiny house movement has primarily focused on understanding the individual motivations behind adopting the tiny house lifestyle. While some studies have suggested that tinyExpand
Towards a Typology of Tiny Houses
ABSTRACT The emergent tiny house movement is gaining momentum globally, in the United States where it originated, and in countries such as Australia. Little scholarly research exists on the tinyExpand
Tackling Homelessness with Tiny Houses: An Inventory of Tiny House Villages in the United States
  • K. Evans
  • Geography
  • The Professional Geographer
  • 2020
Across the United States, tiny house villages are increasingly appearing as a method of addressing homelessness. There has been no formal or sustained effort to document tiny house villages for theExpand
Tiny house, tiny footprint? The potential for tiny houses to reduce residential greenhouse gas emissions
While considerable improvements to the energy efficiency of housing have been achieved over recent decades, the residential sector still represents a significant and increasing proportion of globalExpand
Tiny House Permitting in San Luis Obispo
Tiny houses are a rising trend in housing that provide affordable, environmentally friendly dwellings for those inclined to a minimalist lifestyle. Across the Unites States, municipalities have begunExpand
Portrayals of the tiny house in electronic media: challenging or reproducing the Australian dream home
ABSTRACT The Australian home is embedded within social norms that align the ideal dwelling with the large detached suburban house and mass-consumption. In this paper, we present a FoucauldianExpand
In Search of the “Good Life”: The Appeal of the Tiny House Lifestyle in the USA
Over the past decade, tiny houses and the lifestyle they promote have become a world-wide phenomenon, with the trend especially impactful in the United States. Given their broad appeal and increasingExpand
At the end of 2015, the government of Jakarta declared a river normalization program to widen both banks of the Ciliwung River and increase its channel capacity. Approximately 15 meters of inspectionExpand
Designing furniture for small spaces, in connection with human wellbeing
Small apartments are a result of the on-going growing population and the urban housing development. The marketing prices and the increasing urbanization forces people into less space. The human needsExpand


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Review of The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen. This article can also be found at the Monthly Review website , where most recent articles are published in full. Click here to purchaseExpand
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