Small-Bowel Feces Sign in Small Bowel Obstruction

  • Published 2010


Address for Correspondence: Linda Pantongrag-Brown, M.D., AIMC, Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok 10400, Thailand. The small-bowel feces sign is a finding found at CT of the abdomen. It is defined by the presence of fecal-like material mixed with gas bubbles in the dilated lumen of the small intestine, usually seen prior to the point of obstruction. It is the result of delayed small-bowel transit time. Therefore, the water has more time to get absorption from the incompletely digested food. This particulate content, when mixed with air bubbles, which is believed to partially produce by bacterial overgrowth, gives the fecal-like appearance, so Small-Bowel Feces Sign in Small Bowel Obstruction

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