Small Area Variations in Health Care Delivery

  title={Small Area Variations in Health Care Delivery},
  author={John E. Wennberg and Alan M. Gittelsohn},
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Health information about total populations is a prerequisite for sound decision-making and planning in the health care field. Experience with a population-based health data system in Vermont reveals that there are wide variations in resource input, utilization of services, and expenditures among neighboring communities. Results show prima facie inequalities in the input of resources that are associated with income transfer from areas of lower expenditure to areas of higher expenditure… 

Can a Public Health Care System Achieve Equity?: The Norwegian Experience

The authors estimate a demand model by combining extensive micro data with aggregate data on municipal supply, and find there is very little relationship between indicators of access and health care utilization, supporting the argument that equality in utilization has been achieved.

Managing health services: how the Population Health Information System (POPULIS) works for policymakers.

An integrated database and population-based health information system designed in Manitoba, Canada provides decision makers with the capability to make critical comparisons across regions and subregions of residents' health status, socioeconomic risk characteristics and use of hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians.

Managing Health Services: How Administrative Data and Population-Based Analyses Can Focus the Agenda

The discussion highlights the strengths of integrated population-based information in analyzing the health care system and raising important questions about the relationship between health care and health.

Geographic variation in health care.

  • T. Rosenthal
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Annual review of medicine
  • 2012
The assertion that regional variation in Medicare spending in the last two years of life is indicative of widespread waste in the U.S. health care system became a controversial part of the health care reform debate in 2009-2010.

Forecasting the need for hospital beds: a quantitative methodology.

The method was devised to address the problem of how to make fair and specific quantitative decisions concerning number of beds, volume of services, or expenditure of dollars with limited information and is compatible with vigorous regulatory and planning actions based on the following assumptions.

Public policy and health resource distribution

Little evidence is found to support the hypothesis that Connecticut's town and state decision makers in health were following a rational model such as is the basis for health planning.

From small area variations to accountable care organizations: how health services research can inform policy.

  • H. Luft
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Annual review of public health
  • 2012
Much of health services research seeks to inform particular policy choices and is best characterized as policy-driven research, which occurs when studies alter how people perceive reality, which eventually leads to new policy.




THE report of the President's Commission on Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke, published in late 1964, has proposed a program to effect a reduction of unnecessary deaths from heart disease, cancer a...

Variations in the incidence of surgery.

  • C. Lewis
  • Sociology
    The New England journal of medicine
  • 1969
Abstract Analysis of records of the Kansas Blue Cross Association shows three to four-fold variations in regional rates for the performance of six common surgical procedures. These variations chara...

Cotton, 0. L. Peterson, ibid

  • 1965

Modified from Vermont State Plan jo, Construction and Modernization oj HospiUll and Medical Fadlities (Vermont State Health De

    Unpublished report prepared by the Northern New England Regional Medical Proitam for the Connecticut Valley Health Compact

    • 1971

    Blenden's classification of level of difficulty of surgical procedures was used lR

      Each data set has been modified into a standard format and code system for in