Sluts and soyboys: MGTOW and the production of misogynistic online harassment

  title={Sluts and soyboys: MGTOW and the production of misogynistic online harassment},
  author={Callum Jones and Verity Anne Trott and Scott Wright},
  journal={New Media \& Society},
  pages={1903 - 1921}
Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) are a separatist Manosphere group (digital manifestation of the Men’s Liberation Movement) who focus on individualistic, self-empowering actions as opposed to traditional collective actions typical of Men’s Rights Activists and Incels. This study investigates how the ideology and rhetoric of MGTOW propagates and normalises misogynistic beliefs through online harassment, using a multi-phased content and thematic analysis of 10,280 tweets from three of the most… 

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