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Slowly rotating $\alpha'$-corrected black holes in four and higher dimensions

  title={Slowly rotating \$\alpha'\$-corrected black holes in four and higher dimensions},
  author={Felipe Agurto-Sep'ulveda and Mariano Chernicoff and Gaston Giribet and Julio Oliva and Marcelo Oyarzo},
We consider the low-energy effective action of string theory at order α ′ , including R 2 -corrections to the Einstein-Hilbert gravitational action and non-trivial dilaton coupling. By means of a convenient field redefinition, we manage to express the theory in a frame that enables us to solve its field equations analytically and perturbatively in α ′ for a static spherically symmetric ansatz in an arbitrary number of dimensions. The set of solutions we obtain is compatible with asymptotically flat… 



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