Slow transition of energy transport in high-temperature plasmas.

  title={Slow transition of energy transport in high-temperature plasmas.},
  author={Katsumi Ida and Shigeru Inagaki and R Sakamoto and Kiyohisa Tanaka and Hisamichi Funaba and Yasuhiko Takeiri and Kiyohiro Ikeda and C. Michael and Tokihiko Tokuzawa and Hiroshi Yamada and Yoshio Nagayama and Kimitaka Itoh and Osamu Kaneko and Aiichiro Komori and O. Motojima},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={96 12},
A new slow transition process for energy transport in magnetically confined plasmas is reported. The slow transition is characterized by the change between two metastable transport conditions characterized by a weak and a strong electron temperature (Te) dependence of normalized heat flux. These two branches are found to merge at the critical gradient. In metastable transport, the derivative of normalized heat flux to the Te gradient, [EQUATION: SEE TEXT], is positive, while it becomes negative… CONTINUE READING

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