Slow-release lanreotide in the treatment of acromegaly: a study in 66 patients.

  title={Slow-release lanreotide in the treatment of acromegaly: a study in 66 patients.},
  author={Johan A. Verhelst and Alberto M. Pedroncelli and Roger Abs and Marcella Montini and M V Vandeweghe and Giovanni Albani and Dominique Maiter and Manuela Pagani and J. J. Legros and Don Gianola and Marie Bex and Kris Poppe and Jean Mockel and Giorgio Pagani},
  journal={European journal of endocrinology},
  volume={143 5},
OBJECTIVE Slow-release (SR) lanreotide is a long-acting somatostatin analog that has been developed in order to overcome the inconvenience of multiple daily subcutaneous injections of octreotide, required for metabolic control in acromegaly. Lanreotide SR has been found to be well tolerated and effective in reducing GH and IGF-I levels but clinical data are still limited compared with those with subcutaneous octreotide treatment. DESIGN Sixty-six unselected patients with active acromegaly… CONTINUE READING

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