Slow crack growth and reliability of dental ceramics.

  title={Slow crack growth and reliability of dental ceramics.},
  author={Carla Castiglia Gonzaga and Paulo Francisco C{\'e}sar and Walter Gomes Miranda and Humberto Naoyuki Yoshimura},
  journal={Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials},
  volume={27 4},
OBJECTIVE To determine the slow crack growth (SCG) and Weibull parameters of five dental ceramics: a vitreous porcelain (V), a leucite-based porcelain (D), a leucite-based glass-ceramic (E1), a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (E2) and a glass-infiltrated alumina composite (IC). METHODS Eighty disks (Ø 12 mm × 1.1mm thick) of each material were constructed according to manufacturers' recommendations and polished. The stress corrosion susceptibility coefficient (n) was obtained by dynamic… CONTINUE READING
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