Slow beam extraction from the Nuclotron

  title={Slow beam extraction from the Nuclotron},
  author={N. N. Agapov and V. A. Andreev and A. M. Baldin and N. A. Blinov and O. I. Brovko and V. N. Buldakovsky and A. V. Butenko and O. M. Golubitsky and A. I. Govorov and E. V. Ivanov and I. B. Issinsky and S. V. Kalenov and V. I. Kaplin and H. G. Khodigbagiyan and A. E. Kirichenko and A. G. Kochurov and A. D. Kovalenko and O. S. Kozlov and I. I. Kulikov and L. A. Leonov and A. I. Malakhov and E. A. Matyshevsky and I. N. Meshkov and V. A. Mikhailov and V. A. Monchinsky and P. I. Nikitaev and S. A. Novikov and S. V. Ronamov and P. A. Rukoyatkin and S. Z. Sayfulin and A. A. Smirnov and B. N. Sveshnikov and V. V. Seleznev and B. V. Vasilishin and M. A. Voevodin and V. I. Volkov and A. V. Vol'nov},
Experiments on beam extraction from the Nuclotron, a superferric heavy ion synchrotron, were carried out last year and in March, 2001. The resonance Qx=20/3, used for a horizontal betatron amplitude growth, provides beam entering the Electrostatic Septum deflector, where it obtains an initial deflection to avoid losses on the septum of the Lambertson Magnet. The latter bends the beam in the vertical plane to the level of the experimental halls. An extraction coefficient of about 70% and a spill… CONTINUE READING

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