Slow Extraction from KEK-PS Main Ring

  title={Slow Extraction from KEK-PS Main Ring},
  author={Kuninori Endo and Yoshitaka Kimura and Shinji Mitsunobu and Shigeshi Ninomiya and Yutaka Sakamoto and Hikaru Sato and Yasunao Takeuchi and Shuichi Tokumoto},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
Two different schemes are used for the slow beam extraction from the main ring of KEK-PS. One uses the internal target scattering under the non-resonant condition and the other the half-integer resonance at ¿x = 7.5. The extraction efficiency is higher for the resonant extraction (99 %) than for the non-resonant scheme (~30 %). The spill feedback system are… CONTINUE READING