Slo3 K+ Channels: Voltage and pH Dependence of Macroscopic Currents

  title={Slo3 K+ Channels: Voltage and pH Dependence of Macroscopic Currents},
  author={Xue Zhang and Xu-hui Zeng and Christopher J Lingle},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={317 - 336}
The mouse Slo3 gene (KCNMA3) encodes a K(+) channel that is regulated by changes in cytosolic pH. Like Slo1 subunits responsible for the Ca(2+) and voltage-activated BK-type channel, the Slo3 alpha subunit contains a pore module with homology to voltage-gated K(+) channels and also an extensive cytosolic C terminus thought to be responsible for ligand dependence. For the Slo3 K(+) channel, increases in cytosolic pH promote channel activation, but very little is known about many fundamental… CONTINUE READING


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