Slip-bands and Twin-like Structures in Crystals

  title={Slip-bands and Twin-like Structures in Crystals},
  author={Constance F. Elam},
  • C. F. Elam
  • Published 1 May 1934
  • Materials Science, Geology
  • Nature
THE β-constituent of the copper-zinc alloy system containing about 48–50 per cent zinc and having a cubic body-centred crystal lattice, does not readily show slip-bands when the crystals are distorted1. On the other hand, structures resembling twins have been described2, v. Göler and Sachs3 found slip-bands on some crystals only and identified them approximately with traces of dodecahedral planes {110}. I have recently confirmed the occurrence of slip-bands agreeing with the traces of {110… 
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