Slip-Turn for Biped Robots


This paper presents a method for generating a turning motion in a humanoid robot by allowing the feet of the robot to slip on the ground. As humans, we exploit the fact that our feet can slip on the ground, and allowing humanoid robots to realize this same motion is a worthwhile study. In this paper, we propose the hypothesis that a turning motion is caused… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/TRO.2013.2257574


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@article{Miura2013SlipTurnFB, title={Slip-Turn for Biped Robots}, author={Kanako Miura and Fumio Kanehiro and Kenji Kaneko and Shuuji Kajita and Kazuhito Yokoi}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Robotics}, year={2013}, volume={29}, pages={875-887} }