Sliding-Mode Robot Control With Exponential Reaching Law


 Abstract— In this paper, sliding mode control is applied on Multi Input / Multi Output (MIMO) nonlinear systems. A novel approach is proposed that allows chattering reduction on control input, while keeping high tracking performance of the controller in steady state regime. This approach consists of designing a nonlinear reaching law by using an exponential function that dynamically adapts to the variations of the controlled system. Experimental study was focused on a MIMO modular robot arm. Experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed approach, regarding especially the chattering reduction on control input in steady state regime.

DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2010.2045995

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@article{Fallaha2011SlidingModeRC, title={Sliding-Mode Robot Control With Exponential Reaching Law}, author={Charles J. Fallaha and Maarouf Saad and Hadi Youssef Kanaan and Kamal Al-Haddad}, journal={IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics}, year={2011}, volume={58}, pages={600-610} }