Sliding Mode Control Using Modified Rodrigues Parameters

  title={Sliding Mode Control Using Modified Rodrigues Parameters},
  author={John L. Crassidis and F. Landis Markley},
  journal={Journal of Guidance Control and Dynamics},
Introduction Spacecraft pointing poses a complex problem involving nonlinear dynamics with either linear and/or nonlinear control laws. Primary control actuators usually include thrusters for rapid and coarse attitude maneuvers, and reaction wheels for slow and precise attitude maneuvers. Other types of control mechanisms include gravity-gradient stabilization and magnetic torquer assemblies. Control algorithms can be divided into open-loop systems and closed-loop (feedback) systems. Open-loop… 
Optimal Variable-Structure Control Tracking of Spacecraft Maneuvers
An optimal control approach using variable-structure (sliding-mode) tracking for large angle spacecraft maneuvers is presented. The approach expands upon a previously derived regulation result using
Hybrid variable structure control of flexible spacecraft under input saturation
This paper presents a control system design method for the three-axis-rotational maneuver of a flexible spacecraft. The design of attitude controller was based on variable structure control (VSC)
Attitude and Vibration Control of Flexible Spacecraft Using Singular Perturbation Approach
The proposed design approach is demonstrated to combine excellent performance in the compensation of residual flexible vibrations for the fully nonlinear system under consideration, as well as computational simplicity.
Time-varying sliding mode control for spacecraft attitude tracking maneuvers with a quadratic cost
In this paper, the problem of spacecraft attitude tracking maneuvers in the presence of parametric uncertainty and external disturbance is addressed. A time-varying sliding mode controller with an
Robust control of spacecraft eigenaxis maneuver via integral sliding mode
The control problem of spacecraft eigenaxis maneuver in the presence of parametric uncertainty and external disturbance is addressed in this paper. Modified Rodrigues parameters (MRPs) are utilized
Time-varying sliding mode control for spacecraft attitude maneuver with angular velocity constraint
In this paper, the attitude control problem for uncertain spacecraft under angular velocity constraint is addressed. Both parametric uncertainty and external disturbance are considered in the
Passivity-based Nonlinear Attitude Regulation of Rigid Spacecraft Subject to Control Saturation
This paper investigated the problem of attitude regulation control of rigid spacecraft subject to control saturation and presented full-state feedback and output feedback control schemes, which were shown to guarantee global asymptotic stabilization for the spacecraft attitude and angular velocity.
Finite-Time Control for Attitude Tracking Maneuver of Rigid Satellite
The problem of finite-time control for attitude tracking maneuver of a rigid spacecraft is investigated. External disturbance, unknown inertia parameters are addressed. As stepping stone, a sliding


A new approach for the control of a spacecraft with large angle maneuvers is presented. This new approach is based on a nonlinear predictive control scheme which determines the required torque input
Variable-Structure Control of Spacecraft Large-Angle Maneuvers
The spacecraft large-angle maneuver problem is treated using the principles of variable-structure control theory. A control law that constrains the state to follow a specified path (the so-called
Survey of time-optimal attitude maneuvers
This survey reviews the literature of the last thirty years, including many of the more recent advances in the field, covers the aforementioned topics as well as specific attitude maneuvers, and traces the development of time-optimal and near time-Optimal control algorithms.
Variable structure control of spacecraft reorientation maneuvers
A Variable Structure Control (VSC) approach is presented for multi-axial spacecraft reorientation maneuvers. A nonlinear sliding surface is proposed which results in an asymptotically stable, ideal
Variable structure systems with sliding modes
Design and analysis forVariable structure systems are surveyed in this paper and it is shown that advantageous properties result from changing structures according to this switching logic.
A Survey of Attitude Representations
  • The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences
  • 1993