Sleep-wake transitions in premature neonates predict early development.

  title={Sleep-wake transitions in premature neonates predict early development.},
  author={Omri Weisman and Reuma Magori-Cohen and Yoram Louzoun and Arthur Isaac Eidelman and Ruth Feldman},
  volume={128 4},
OBJECTIVE To identify patterns of sleep-wake transitions in the neonatal period that might differentiate premature infants who would show better or worse outcomes in multiple developmental domains across the first 5 years of life. METHODS Participants were 143 low birth weight premature infants (mean birth weight: 1482 g; mean gestational age [GA]: 31.82 weeks). Sleep states were observed at a GA of 37 weeks in 10-second epochs over 4 consecutive evening hours and were analyzed through… CONTINUE READING