Sleep in Schizophrenia: A Polysomnographic Study on Drug-Naive Patients

  title={Sleep in Schizophrenia: A Polysomnographic Study on Drug-Naive Patients},
  author={Christoph Johannes Lauer and Wolfgang G{\"u}nther Schreiber and Thomas Pollm{\"a}cher and Florian Holsboer and J{\"u}rgen-Christian Krieg},
A slow wave sleep (SWS) deficit and a shortened rapid eye movement (REM) sleep latency are commonly reported in schizophrenic patients. However, most of these patients have been off neuroleptic medication for only a short period of time. Therefore, the reported sleep alterations may be due to residual drug effects. We polysomnographically investigated 22 drug-naive patients with a schizophrenic disorder, paranoid type, and 20 normal controls. In addition, we assessed the ventricular brain ratio… CONTINUE READING


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