Sleep history affects task acquisition during subsequent sleep restriction and recovery

  title={Sleep history affects task acquisition during subsequent sleep restriction and recovery},
  author={T. Rupp and N. Wesensten and T. Balkin},
  journal={Journal of Sleep Research},
  • T. Rupp, N. Wesensten, T. Balkin
  • Published 2010
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Sleep Research
  • The aim of the present study was to examine if sleep amount prior to sleep restriction mediated subsequent task acquisition on serial addition/subtraction and reaction time (RT) sub‐tasks of the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metric. Eleven males and 13 females [mean (SD) age = 25 (6.5) years] were assigned to either an Extended [10 h time in bed (TIB)] (n = 12) or Habitual [Mean (SD) = 7.09 (0.7)] (n = 12) sleep group for 1 week followed by one baseline night, seven sleep restriction… CONTINUE READING
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