Sleep-disordered breathing in children with achondroplasia.

  title={Sleep-disordered breathing in children with achondroplasia.},
  author={Peter J. Mogayzel and John L. Carroll and Gerald M. Loughlin and Orest Hurko and Claire A Francomano and Carole L. Marcus},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={132 4},
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to characterize sleep-disordered breathing in 88 children with achondroplasia aged 1 month to 12.6 years. RESULTS At the time of their initial polysomnography, five children had previously undergone tracheostomy, and seven children required supplemental oxygen. Initial polysomnography demonstrated a median obstructive apnea index of 0 (range, 0 to 19.2 apneas/hr). The median number of central apneas with desaturation per study was 0.5 (0 to 49), the median oxygen… CONTINUE READING
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