Sleep detection with an accelerometer actigraph: comparisons with polysomnography.

  title={Sleep detection with an accelerometer actigraph: comparisons with polysomnography.},
  author={Girardin Jean-Louis and Daniel F Kripke and Roger J Cole and Joseph D Assmus and Robert D. Langer},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={72 1-2},
Two validation studies were conducted to optimize the sleep-detection algorithm of the Actillume. The first study used home recordings of postmenopausal women (age range: 51 to 77 years), which were analyzed to derive the optimal algorithm for detecting sleep and wakefulness from wrist activity data, both for nocturnal in-bed recordings and considering the entire 24 h. The second study explored the optimal algorithm to score in-bed recordings of healthy young adults (age range: 19 to 34 years… CONTINUE READING


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