Sleep deprivation by the "flower pot" technique and spatial reference memory.

  title={Sleep deprivation by the "flower pot" technique and spatial reference memory.},
  author={Bradley D. Youngblood and Jun Gang Zhou and Gennady N Smagin and Donna H Ryan and Ruth B. S. Harris},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={61 2},
This study investigated whether paradoxical, or rapid eye movement (REM), sleep deprivation (SD) affected spatial memory. SD was induced in male Wistar rats by housing them on small platforms over water. They fell into the water if they lost muscle tone. Controls were either housed in tanks with large platforms (TC) or in normal cages (CC). All rats had free access to food and water. Each day they were tested in a place-learning set task using a Morris water maze. The rats were released from 6… CONTINUE READING


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