Sleep and low doses of alcohol.

  title={Sleep and low doses of alcohol.},
  author={Barbara M. Stone},
  journal={Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology},
  volume={48 6},
The effect of 3 doses of alcohol (0.16, 0.32 and 0.64 g/kg) on sleep was studied in 6 healthy young adults. Total sleep time was increased and awake activity was reduced by 0.16 g/kg. The sleep efficiency index was improved by 0.16 and 0.32 g/kg. All 3 doses reduced slow wave sleep, and this was related to the latter part of the night. There was some evidence that REM sleep was delayed, and the REM/NREM ratio reduced. Low doses of alcohol may partially improve sleep, but there are reductions in… CONTINUE READING

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