Sleep Profile in Patients With Chronic Opioid Abuse: A Polysomnographic Evaluation in an Egyptian Sample

  title={Sleep Profile in Patients With Chronic Opioid Abuse: A Polysomnographic Evaluation in an Egyptian Sample},
  author={T. Asaad and M. Ghanem and Afaf M. Abdel Samee and Mahmood M. El–Habiby},
  journal={Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment},
BackgroundSleep disturbances occur in various stages of substance abuse, which might have a significant impact on the treatment success. Despite this fact, the number of researches studying sleep in substance abuse patients is relatively scarce. ObjectivesTo study the profile of sleep in opioid abusers, after the period of detoxification, highlighting whether there is a remote effect of opioid abuse on sleep or not, exploring the nature of such sleep disturbances, if present. MethodologyThe… Expand
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