Sleep Disturbances and Risk of Depression in Older Men.

  title={Sleep Disturbances and Risk of Depression in Older Men.},
  author={Misti L. Paudel and Brent C. Taylor and Sonia Ancoli-Israel and Terri L. Blackwell and Jeanne E Maglione and Katie L. Stone and Susan Redline and Kristine E Ensrud},
  volume={36 7},
INTRODUCTION Self-reported sleep disturbances are associated with an increased risk of depression in younger and older adults, but associations between objective assessments of sleep/wake disturbances via wrist actigraphy and risk of depression are unknown. METHODS Depressive symptoms (Geriatric Depression Scale [GDS]), self-reported (questionnaires), and objective (actigraphy) sleep parameters were measured at baseline in 2,510 nondepressed men 67 y or older. Depressive symptoms were… CONTINUE READING


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