Sleep Characteristics and Temperament in Preterm Children at Two Years of Age.


STUDY OBJECTIVES We aimed to compare 2-year-old children born preterm with children born full term regarding: (1) sleep characteristics, (2) temperament, and (3) relations between sleep pattern and habits and temperament. METHODS The study included 51 preterm children with normal cognitive, language, and motor development (mean = 20.94 months, standard deviation [SD] = 4.08) and 57 full-term children (mean = 21.19, SD = 4.32). To assess sleep-related difficulties and habits and child temperament, mothers completed the following questionnaires: the (1) Sleep Disturbance Scale for Children-adapted (SDSC); (2) Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire (BISQ); and (3) Italian Temperament Questionnaires-version 12-36 months (QUIT). RESULTS Preterm children needed less support to fall asleep and fell asleep more often alone in their own bed compared to those born at full term; however, preterm children showed more frequent sleep difficulties, such as restlessness and breathing problems during the night. In addition, preterm children had lower scores in the temperamental dimension of attention and higher scores in negative emotionality than full-term children. Finally, sleep problems were correlated with higher motor activity, lower social orientation and attention, and increased negative emotionality; a shorter nocturnal sleep duration was related to higher motor activity and lower inhibition to novelty whereas an earlier rise time was associated with lower attention and social orientation. CONCLUSIONS Preterm children showed sleep pattern problems and disturbance, predominance of attention problems, and negative emotionality related to sleep disruption.

DOI: 10.5664/jcsm.6728

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