Sleep, Learning, and Dreams: Off-line Memory Reprocessing

  title={Sleep, Learning, and Dreams: Off-line Memory Reprocessing},
  author={Robert Stickgold and J. Allan Hobson and Roar Fosse and Magdalena J. Fosse},
  pages={1052 - 1057}
Converging evidence and new research methodologies from across the neurosciences permit the neuroscientific study of the role of sleep in off-line memory reprocessing, as well as the nature and function of dreaming. Evidence supports a role for sleep in the consolidation of an array of learning and memory tasks. In addition, new methodologies allow the experimental manipulation of dream content at sleep onset, permitting an objective and scientific study of this dream formation and a renewed… 
Sleep, dreams, and memory consolidation: the role of the stress hormone cortisol.
The relationship between sleep, dreams, and memory, and the hormone cortisol is discussed, proposing that the content of dreams reflects aspects of memory consolidation taking place during the different stages of sleep.
Dreaming and Episodic Memory: A Functional Dissociation?
While 65 of a total of 299 sleep mentation reports were judged to reflect aspects of recent waking life experiences, the episodic replay of waking events was found in no more than 12 of the dream reports, consistent with evidence that sleep has no role in episodic memory consolidation.
Relationship between Dreaming and Memory Reconsolidation
The different theories of dreaming are summarized; furthermore, memory consolidation and reconsolidation are introduced and it is proposed that memory might be associated with memory reconsideration.
Dreaming with hippocampal damage
It is suggested that hippocampal integrity may be necessary for typical dreaming to occur, and aligns dreaming with other hippocampal-dependent processes such as episodic memory that are central to supporting the authors' mental life.
The role of sleep and dreaming in the processing of episodic memory
If spatial memory, previously shown to be strongly associated with SWS, shifts to a REM sleep association if emotional elements are associated with the task, it is shown that the presence of emotions during a task may modulate the sleep stage with which its consolidation is associated.
Dreaming and the brain: from phenomenology to neurophysiology
REM sleep and dreaming functions beyond reductionism.
  • R. Kirov
  • Psychology, Biology
    The Behavioral and brain sciences
  • 2013
The periodic occurrence of REM sleep episodes and dreaming may be regarded as a recurrent adaptive interference, which incorporates recent memories into a broader vital context comprising emotions, basic needs and individual genetic traits.
The role of sleep in human declarative memory consolidation.
Focusing on the declarative memory system in humans, the literature regarding the benefits of sleep for both neutral and emotionally salient declaratives memory is reviewed and the impact of sleep on emotion regulation is discussed.
The role of sleep and practice in implicit and explicit motor learning


The paradox of sleep : the story of dreaming
Michel Jouvet is perhaps the world's leading sleep and dream researcher. He discovered a mysterious dream state that he called paradoxical sleep. This third category of brain activity (distinct from
Memory Systems 1994
Current thinking on memory systems of 1994, D.L. Schacter memory and working with memory - evaluation of a component process model and comparisons with other models, M.W. Tulving multiple memory systems - what and why - an update.
Perspectives of Event-Related Potentials Research
ERP correlates of stimulus-to-category assignments a brain potential manifestation of error-related processing partially processed stimulus information as a source of covert and overt errors analysis of mental workload with ERP indicators of processing stages event-related potential correlates of errors in reaction tasks.
In Search of Dreams: Results of Experimental Dream Research
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Rapid Eye Movement Sleep
Role of Peribrachial Area in Generation of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep and Pont-Geniculo-Occipital Wave, S. Datta Sleep Factors and Endogenous Sleep Substances, S. Inoue and M. Kimura Spatio-Temporal
A Manual of Standardized Terminology, Techniques and Scoring System for Sleep Stages of Human Subjects.
Techniques of recording, scoring, and doubtful records are carefully considered, and Recommendations for abbreviations, types of pictorial representation, order of polygraphic tracings are suggested.
Sleep: Physiology, Biochemistry, Psychology, Pharmacology, Clinical Implications
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The Interpretation of Dreams
THE translation of the eighth German edition of Freud's magnum opus is in many ways an improvement on the first. There are many small alterations in the actual translation, but the general plan of