Sled: a Method of Doubling Slac's Energy*


Over the past few years, several schemes for *. making significant increases in the energy of the SLAC beam have been proposed. Two of the proposals, namely the use of superconducting accelerating sections1 and recirculation 1 of the beam for a second pass through the existing acceler. &or,’ have been abandoned for technical and economic reasons after extensive investigation. An on-going method of gradually raising the beam energy is the development and installation of 30and 40-MW klystrons by the SLAC Klystron Group. It is clear, however, that the accelerator would have to be completely refitted with klystrons producing about 100 MW in order that the present machine energy be approximate1 doubled. While such an approach is not inconceivable, 3 the realization of such klystrons and the modulators needed to drive them would require further years of development and a high initial capital investment.

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