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Slavic and German in contact : studies from areal and contrastive linguistics

  title={Slavic and German in contact : studies from areal and contrastive linguistics},
  author={E. Kaczmarska and 素己 野町},
Slavic-German language contacts are a very important part of the history of Slavic languages and at the same time of Slavic studies in general. Thorough investigation of these contacts allows us to follow not only the linguistic fortunes of the Slavs, but also their history. Despite years of research, many problems remain unsolved to date, and the history of the Slavic countries and their languages brings out new and unexplored issues related not only to major Slavic languages but also to… Expand
Clitic climbing and stacked infinitives in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian
Although clitics (CLs) have been very often analysed for Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (BCS), only few studies approach clitic climbing (CC) in BCS. According to Čamdžić & Hudson (2002) and AljovićExpand
In dieser Arbeit überprüfe ich vier Analysen der deutschen Wortbetonung auf die Vorhersagen, die sie über die Oberflächengestalt deutscher Wörter machen. Dabei beschreibe ich zunächst die AnalysenExpand