Slaves and Forms of Slavery in Late Imperial China (Seventeenth to Early Twentieth Centuries)

  title={Slaves and Forms of Slavery in Late Imperial China (Seventeenth to Early Twentieth Centuries)},
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Rewriting Bondage: Literacy and Slavery in a Qing Native Domain
Abstract The article examines legal plaints authored by the household slaves, bondsmen, bonded tenants, concubine, wife, sisters, and affines of the chieftain of a native domain in northern YunnanExpand
Franciscans, baptisms and rescues of abandoned children in Eighteenth Century China: A point of charity? / Franciscanos, el abutismo y el rescate de los niños en la China dle siglo XVIII: ¿un punto de caridad?
Resumen El objetivo principal de este estudio es examinar el trabajo de los misioneros en la Edad Moderna en el rescate y bautismo de ninos chinos. Para ello Manila se convirtio en un puente clave noExpand
Human trafficking in China
This article explores issues associated with human trafficking in China, including forced marriages, forced labor, forced sex work, sale of babies and human smuggling. This article will firstExpand
Mapping the Trafficking of Women across Colonial Southeast Asia, 1600s–1930s
While slavery in the seventeenth century included a substantial traffic in Asian women, it was only in the late nineteenth century that the rise in trafficking in women in Asia came to the attentionExpand
Bondage on Qing China's Northwestern Frontier*
  • L. Newby
  • Political Science
  • Modern Asian Studies
  • 2012
Abstract Despite the extensive literature on global slavery and servitude, human bondage in Xinjiang (Eastern Turkestan) during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries has been largely neglected.Expand


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