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Slack Voice:The Phonetic Nature of the Voiced Consonants in Ancient Chinese

  title={Slack Voice:The Phonetic Nature of the Voiced Consonants in Ancient Chinese},
  author={Zhu Xiao-nong},
  journal={Studies in language and linguistics},
  • Zhu Xiao-nong
  • Published 2010
  • Linguistics
  • Studies in language and linguistics
The quanzhuo(muddy) stops(including explosives and affricates) in Middle Chinese is generally regarded as the(unaspirated) modal voiced,like those appearing in English or French.Karlgren,however,reconstructed them as 'voiced aspirated' consonants early last century.Recently,his reconstruction is echoed by Huang Xiaoshan(黄笑山) and Mai Yun(麦耘),who suggest a reconstruction of voiceless sounds with voiced aspiration or breathy voice in late Middle Chinese(after the Mid Tang(唐) dynasty through early… 

Shanghai Slack Voice: Acoustic and EPGG Data

This study finds that Shanghai Obstruents, as produced today by young Shanghai people, indeed retain some characteristics of plain voiced obstruents but breathiness does not appear as the sole one, and proposes that articulatory timing relationships are the main determinant to the mysterious voiced quality of Shanghai obstruent.

Pitch and Phonation Type Perception in Wenzhou Dialect Tone

Wenzhou dialect is characterized by alarge tonal inventory and tones which combine pitch contour and phonation type cues. In this paper, a perception experiment was conducted to investigate